We love yoga blankets! Yoga blankets, Mexican yoga blankets, cotton yoga blankets or just a meditation shawl are the must-have item for every yogi,  providing the essential cushioning you need to perfect your shoulder stand without gasping for breath. They lift the stress away from your joints as you relax into child’s pose. They provide extra lift for your spine when you’re not as bendy as a pretzel but you still want to touch your toes. They keep you warm and snug whilst you’re relaxing in savassana. And they also work wonderfully as a meditation pillow, extra support for prenatal yoga or even as something you throw over your mat to add a touch of the natural. To help guide you effortlessly through the buying process, we’ve gathered together a short guide to help you find the best yoga blanket available on Amazon. These include everything from polar fleece yoga blankets to 100% organic cotton yoga blankets and everything inbetween, all the colours of the rainbow and every size, weight and texture available. Below are our top 11 best yoga blankets picks:

Our top 11 Yoga Blankets

#1. 100% Cotton Yoga Blankets – Natural

If you’re looking for the best yoga blanket that’s great for keeping you warm during savasana, and works wonderfully as a yoga prop, choose these gorgeous natural 100% cotton yoga blankets by Ruth White Yoga Products Ltd.
Extra-long, heavy, thick and snuggly, there can be no better yoga blanket to take with you to class and use as a meditation shawl. The embroidered OM is beautiful and we love the fact you can even wash it in your machine.
Available in natural, purple, green, blue and orange.
It’s machine washable
It’s made from natural fibres
It’s extra-long so great for tall people
It’s heavier than others, so might not be great for travel


#2. Mexican Yoga Blankets– Handmade

Love the bohemian look of those traditional Mexican yoga blankets and want one for your yoga practice? Then this is the one you should choose. It’s substantial, soft and expertly handwoven yoga blanket and works incredibly well as a yoga prop or as a traditional yoga blanket.
Created from a colourful blend of fibres with a gorgeous diamond design, it’s stylish enough to use on the beach, for a picnic, meditation shawl or as a general blanket, not just in the yoga studio. If you’re looking for the perfect yoga gift, make sure you choose this one!
Available in blue sunset or turquoise sunset
Bright and bohemian
Stylish and warm


#3. Blue Dove Yoga Meditation Shawl

This 100% certified organic cotton yoga blanket is high quality, versatile and brilliant for relaxing and keeping warm, or adding that extra comfort to your yoga practice.
Made from certified Global Organic Textile Standard cotton, it’s soft, comfortable and perfect for throwing in your yoga bag and heading off to class. Oozing minimalist style and available in two classy colours, you’ll love using this one for restorative yoga or as a sturdy yoga support for those more challenging poses.

Available in burgundy or biscuit
100% GOTS certified cotton
2 classy colours available
Some flaws in the weave have been reported


#4. Bodhi Asana Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Fleece Blanket

Don’t allow the fact that this yoga blanket is made from fleece put you off, especially if you’re looking for a yoga prop to help you achieve those trickier postures. Because this high-quality, warm and soft blanket is everything you need (and a bit more!)
It’s just the right thickness, it’s extra-long so you can feel nice and warm and it works wonderfully as an extra cushioning layer between you and the yoga mat. Unlike many other brands of fleece yoga blanket, this one is non-piling, lightweight at less than 1kg and comes in such beautiful colours. Perfect for travel, home and regular use.
Available in apple green, blue, purple, saffron, Bordeaux red
Machine washable
Extra long for those taller people
Lightweight and easy to store
Not 100% natural fibres


#5. Yogi-bare: Mexican Yoga Blankets

Created from a blend of 60% polyester and 40% cotton, these Mexican style yoga blankets will add a touch of the ethnic to your yoga practice.
Thick, comforting and durable, it works fantastically when you need extra warmth during savasana, and also works really well as a yoga bolster when rolled up tightly. I love the design of this one and often use mine at home as a throw or when we’re outdoors and need somewhere to sit for our picnic.

Available in red or blue
Beautiful pattern and simple colour options
Thick and warm
Does tend to shed at first
Slightly heavier, so not the best choice if you travel


#6. Yogamatters Cotton Yoga Blanket

Oooh!! It’s not often I get excited about a cotton yoga blanket, but this one really does it for me!
As an eco-conscious girl, I love the fact that this one is all-natural, made from 100% cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and has been created in the birthplace of yoga- India (under non-exploitative working conditions).
Best of all, the manufacturer has really paid attention to what works in a yoga blanket and ensured that the hems are thin enough to allow it to lie flat when folded, making it an awesome yoga prop too. At a whopping 230cm, it’s perfect for men, those who are slightly taller or those who just like more blanket for their buck!

Available in purple and natural
Great value for money
Beautifully finished
100% GOTS cotton
Very long
Can shed slightly


#7. Lotuscrafts Yoga Blanket SAVASANA 100% Cotton (Organic)

What can I say? Simply the best yoga blanket.
Not only is it made from 100% organic cotton and handmade in India (according to high environmental and working standards), it’s also toxin-free, extra large and beautifully comforting.
Weighing in at just 1 kg, this cotton yoga blanket is also perfect for travel, will keep you snuggly warm and cosy during practice or at home, and it also makes a stylish addition to anyone’s yoga bag. The only problem is, which of the rich warming colours should you choose? Hmmm….
Available in cornflower, nature, aubergine, Bordeaux.
100% organic cotton
More expensive



#8. Polar Fleece Blanket Perfect for Yoga

If you just want a nice warm blanket to keep you warm in your yoga class, and you like to keep it simple, treat yourself to one of these polar fleece yoga blankets. They’re extra soft, fast-drying and won’t leave behind those annoying fibres which take ages to remove. They also work wonderfully as a yoga prop for restorative yoga or just a blanket to keep you warm.
They’re also great if you’re a fan of the outdoors (like me), if you like nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a good book, or if you just want a sleek, warm throw that looks great.
Available in navy or black.
Machine washable
Warm and cosy
Highly versatile
No bright colours available
Made from polyester



#9. YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blankets

We’ve saved the best yoga blanket ‘til last with these Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blankets from YogaDirect. In my opinion, it’s by far the best yoga blanket you can get your hands on.
Handmade in Mexico with love, it’s available in a stunning range of colours that will brighten up any rainy day and help you get the most from your yoga practice. Use it rolled up as a yoga prop or support, lie it over your regular yoga mat for extra comfort or snuggle underneath it for a long, luxurious Yoga Nidra session, savasana or use it as a meditation shawl for your sitting practice.
Made from a blend of fibres, and measuring almost 2 metres, it’s long enough to cover even the tallest of people whilst looking great. I love the fact that it’s reassuringly heavy (at 1.5kg) and you can throw it into your washing machine whenever you need to. Well worth the price.

Available in dark green, blue/yellow, red/grey, green/burgundy, orange/red, blue, burgundy, grey, purple, red, turquoise
Gorgeous range of colours
Machine washable
Long and warm
More expensive
Blend of fibres
Some customers have reported issues with the weave



#10. Yoga Mad Hand-Woven Yoga Blanket

I must admit that I prefer the 100% cotton yoga blankets, especially when they’ve been lovingly hand-woven like this one. It’s long enough for the tallest of yogis, comfortingly heavy and rolls up to fit into any yoga bag.
Whilst Yoga Mad say that it’s fab for providing warmth and can also be used as a yoga prop, I would have to disagree as I personally found the seams slightly uncomfortable. Having said that, this one shines when it comes to all other areas so it’s still worth your consideration if you’re on a limited budget.
Available in natural
100% cotton
Wonderfully thick
At 1.4 kg it’s on the heavier side
The thick hem might bother you when used as a yoga prop


#Bonus – YogaDirect Solid Color Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blankets

Who doesn’t love a splash of colour in their yoga session? I know I certainly do. That’s why I love this luxurious Mexican yoga blanket. Hand-made in Mexico from a blend of fibres, it’s bright, thick, and soft and extra-long for those of us who really feel the cold and longing for a warm meditation shawl. It also works brilliantly as a yoga prop and rolls nicely to fit into your travel yoga bag so you can take it with you on your next retreat.
Available in forest, burgundy, dark blue, grey, pink, purple and yellow
It’s machine washable
It’s brightly coloured!
At 1.2 kg it’s perfect for travel
It’s not 100% natural
It can shed fibres
The colour isn’t always the shade expected


If you are interested in Yoga Products, feel free to check out our ultimate guide to Yoga Rugs.

As you can see, there are so many yoga blankets available on Amazon! Take your time and make a well-informed choice based on what you’ve read here without getting overwhelmed about all the options. Have missed any? What is the best yoga blanket you have tried? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy shopping!


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