Looking to go to one of the many Tantra festivals in Europe or further afield? These festivals have exploded in popularity over the last few years, with a massive number of gatherings popping up in retreat centres and cities across the world. I’m not surprised by the number of people starting to go to a tantra festival, to see what it is all about. 
Tantra Festival
Every week, my yoga friends ask me to tell them the truth about tantra or want to pick my brains about tantra and how it influences healing practices. They feel curious. They’ve heard that tantra is a way to connect better with themselves, gain new insight into their experience, heal past wounds and explore their sexuality in a safe and supportive environment. They admit that they’ve already been searching for the hashtag #tantrafestival on Instagram, but they want to be clued up enough to choose the right type of tantra festival to get started with.

Best Tantra Festivals of 2023 – Top 20

Below is a list of the top 20 tantra festivals around the world, with dates and info wherever possible. Please check individual websites for full info on schedules, teachers, accommodation and tantra workshops.


February Hawaii  (USA)
March Australia
April Amsterdam
May East Coast(USA)
June Croatia

July UK
Baltic (Latvia)
Sweden- Angsbacka
August Gay – Men (UK)
September California (USA)
October Czech Republic
November India

London (UK)

What are Tantra Festivals?

Tantra FestivalA tantra festival is a gathering of like-minded people in a safe space which fosters healing and connection. You’ll start to break down your internal barriers, open up to the wisdom of nature and get to know (and love) yourself a whole lot more, body hang-ups and all!

Not only are they great fun but can also be very insightful and healing too. You don’t need a certain level of tantra experience to go along as they’re open to beginners and the more experienced Tantrikas(someone who practices Tantra) too. They’re open to individuals, couples and the LGBT community, no one is uninvited!

Types of Workshops | Yoga | Meditation | Retreat Programme | Evening Concerts

Every tantra festival is unique, offering a beautiful combination of workshops, activities, therapies and fun to suit everyone. At some of the smaller festivals, you’ll be expected to attend all these sessions to help the energy of the gathering to stay consistent and help you can enjoy maximum awakening and healing benefits from the event. However, most tantra festivals allow you to choose which workshops and activities you take part in, with some of the larger festivals having 6-8 different workshops running at one time. The festivals are almost always strictly drug and alcohol-free, serving nutritious vegetarian and vegan food.

Almost all include a special morning gathering where you’ll have a chat about the activities for the day, find out what workshops are on offer and perhaps take part in some dance or yoga to wake up your sleepy bodies.
Tantra Festival

You’re also likely to be put into a small group called a ‘sharing circle’. You can check in various times throughout the tantra festival to share your insights and experiences, and discuss your thoughts with a supportive and understanding group of people.

Most of the sessions will be dedicated to tantric healing, including bodywork, therapy, tantric massage, sensual massage, energy activation and biodanza or ecstatic dance. In addition to all of this, you’ll have a range of evening entertainment to keep you amused, including live music, parties, skinny dipping or swimming, open mic sessions, sauna and other activities.

Finally, you might also have access to areas called ‘Love Lounges’ or ‘Love Temples’ where you can explore your physical side or connect more deeply with a person you’d like to get to know better through massage, kissing and sensual touch.

Are Tantra Festivals just about sex and nudity?

No, tantra festivals certainly aren’t all about sex, nor are they seedy or dodgy places to be. Nudity can be an optional part of some workshops offered but it’s certainly not mandatory.

If you’re hoping to find an orgy or a partner for a one-night stand, then you should certainly look somewhere else. Of course, tantra festivals can involve connecting with someone (or getting to know yourself better) on a more intimate level.  But that’s not the be-all and end-all when it comes to tantra festivals. They’re about so much more than just this.

They’re about connecting with yourself on a spiritual, emotional and physical level to overcome those internal barriers that hold you back in life. They’re about discovering more about yourself and your inner desires, learning to love yourself unconditionally, and opening up to the wonders of the world.

It’s also important to mention that no rudeness, judgement, intolerance, violence or pressure is tolerated at these retreats. In general, everyone is respectful, understanding and supportive at a tantra festival. However, it is also important to exercise caution at times, be very clear with your boundaries and realize everyone has different reasons for attending.

European Tantra Festivals

London Tantra Festival

The London Tantra Festival brings together a range of tantra experts with one core goal in mind- to create an increase of love throughout the world. Built to be broad and varied in content, it hopes to offer couples and singles a chance to sample the wonders of tantra.
Ticket Price: £72 – £110
When: May & October
Length: 2 Days
Established: 2014
Capacity: 200 – 500
Accommodation: None available onsite – Click here for best value accommodation options.

Location: Shoreditch, London, N1 6TA

UK Tantra Festival 

The UK Tantra Festival is the world’s longest-running sexuality festival, which continues to grow in popularity. Boasting returning tantra experts, meditation teachers, biodanza leaders and many more, this five-day tantra festival is split into two chunks which happen every year in July and August.
Tantra Festival

Ticket Price: £250-£450
When: July/August
Length: 14 days
Capacity: 200 – 300 people
Accommodation: Private rooms, dorms, camping available. Check the website for prices.

Location: Gillingham, Dorset, England

Tantra Love Festival – Gay Men

Tantra Love Festivals for men are to discover the amazing world of Tantra with an incredible group of men who love men. All about love, exploration, connection, and shared ecstatic experiences. Forge deep friendships with like-minded men, explore together, and do just as much Tantra as you like. Check out their program for more information.

Ticket Price: £593 – £673
When: Late August
Length: 5 Days
Established: 2012
Capacity: 100 – 130 people
Accommodation: Private rooms, dorms, camping available. 

Location: Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Ibiza Tantra Festival

The Ibiza Tantra festival is based in a gorgeous resort in the north of Ibiza with an inspiring view of the sea, and an equally inspiring programme of activities. Hosted by the wonderful Santoshi & Niten, this week of awakening includes ecstatic dance, musicians and performers, sound meditation, fire dancers and more.

Ticket Price: €790 –€1250 inc accommodation, food and workshops.
When: October
Length: 6 days
Capacity: 250 – 400 people

Accommodation: Singles, twins, doubles
Location: Club Hotel Portinatx 14, Cala Portinatx. San Juan de Labritja

Estonia Tantra Festival

This small and intimate tantra festival is held in the Estonian countryside, boasts the guidance of numerous world-renowned tantra teachers, and will help you connect with yourself, with others, and with nature. You can choose between various levels of workshops, lectures, meditations and also bodywork sessions to create the tantra experience that best suits you.

Ticket Price:€165 to €390 including camping, food and workshops.
When: July
Length: 6 days
Capacity: 250 – 400 people

Established: 2015
Accommodation: Dorms of 2-8 and camping.
Location: 45km outside Tallinn, Estonia

Sweden Tantra Festival

Angsbacka, the largest and perhaps most famous of Tantra festivals, always seems to sell out well before the day. Extremely well organised and in a beautiful location by lakes and endless alpine forests. This is a festival you need to visit whether you want to deepen your connection with nature or explore your sexuality. Thanks to the on-site team of therapists, it’s also a safe space to heal your sexual issues and move forward with the rest of your life. Not to be missed!

Ticket Price: 4100 SEK to 5200 SEK – includes camping spot, food and workshops.
When: July-Aug

Length: 5 days
Capacity: 800 people
Accommodation: Double room, dorms or camping
Location: Molkom, Sweden

Stockholm Tantra Festival

The Stockholm Tantra Festival says it best; “It’s about relationships, intimacy and sex. It’s about yoga, meditation, health & self-esteem. It’s about a vulnerable exploration, a celebration & the balance of life.” Come along and experience the true heart of tantra, where nudity is kept to a minimum to allow profound spiritual growth and awakening.

Ticket Price: 1070 SEK to 1470 SEK
When: May
Established: 2018
Capacity: 250 – 450 people
Accommodation: None available onsite – Click here for best value accommodation options.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Baltic Tantra Festival (Lativa)

This 4-day tantra festival takes place deep in the Latvian countryside, about as far away from city life as you’d find. Focused around the notion of opening up and saying ‘Yes!’ to the world, to yourself and to life, you’ll enjoy this journey into tantra through meditation, dance and celebration.

Tantra FestivalTicket Price: €200 -€470 depending on accommodation, includes food and workshops.
Length: 4 days – 15th July – 18th July
Capacity: 400 people
When: July
Accommodation: Shared rooms, dorms and camping
Location: Ratnieki, Latvia (65km from Riga)

Holland Tantra Festival

Are you looking for more intimacy in your life? Want to get into the heart of nature, enjoy organic, vegetarian food (included in the price) and discover how to reconnect with yourself and with others more honestly and effortlessly? The 6-day Holland Tantra Festival is the one for you. Book early if you’re interested- they always sell out!

Ticket Price:€300 –€575
Length: 5 days
Capacity: 300 – 450 people
When: August
Accommodation: Twin shared rooms or camping
Location: Havelte, Netherlands

Amsterdam Tantra Festival

The Amsterdam Tantra Festival wants to show you how tantra can bring more colour into your life, providing new insights and liveliness to your whole being. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more experienced in Tantra, this loving and supportive festival will help you discover yourself all over again.

Ticket Price: €160 –€245
When: April
Length: 3 Days
Capacity: 250 – 400 people

Accommodation: None available onsite – Click here for best value accommodation options.
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Portugal Tantra Festival

Surround yourself with like-minded people as you enjoy vegetarian food, soak up the gorgeous Portuguese countryside and learn from the skilled tantra facilitators that these guys have lined up for the 5-day tantra festival. You’ll come away feeling revived, open and able to find more meaning in your life.
Tantra Festivals

Ticket Price: €432.00 – €666.00 includes accommodation, food and workshops
When: June
Length: 5 days
Established: 2017
Capacity: 300- 500 people
Accommodation: Double, triple, camping, dorms.
Location: Mexilhoeira Grande, Portugal

Poland Tantra Festival

Tantra Festival

Ticket Price: €300-350 includes workshops only
When: June – July
Length: 9 days
Established: 2012
Capacity: 120-150 people
Accommodation: €5 -21 per night
Food: €18 per day (3 vegetarian meals a day plus tea/coffee)
Location: Nowe Kawkowo, Poland

Czech Republic Tantra Festival

For one weekend in Prague, the best practitioners and teachers in the Tantra world from the Czech Republic and Europe will come together to create a dynamic and exciting program of lectures, workshops and presentations on a broad number of tantra topics. The festival will also include inspiring performances, games and other activities.

Ticket Price: 1100czk – 2800czk for workshops
When: October
Length: 2 days (Weekend)
Established: 2012
Capacity: 200- 300 people
Accommodation: Can stay at the hotel complex at a special rate (€85 a night including breakfast) or click here to find more local accommodation options in Prague.
Location: Prague

Worldwide Tantra Festivals

India Tantra Festival

Visit the birthplace of tantra and explore the wisdom of the tantra masters when you join the supportive and loving India Tantra Festival. Including biodanza, workshops, a Love Lounge, healing temple and musicians, this place you come to change your life!
Tantra Festival

Ticket Price: £205 – not including food and accommodation(workshops only)
Length: 6 days
When: Late November

Accommodation: Doubles, triple, dorms, tented dorms.
Location: New Delhi, India

Israel Tantra Festival

Raise your vibration at the ISTA Festival of Sexuality and the Evolution of Consciousness in Israel. This 4-day festival includes transformational and experiential workshops in love, intimacy, sexuality & relationships, live music, ecstatic dance, a cacao ceremony and delicious vegetarian food.
Tantra Festival

Ticket Price: £220 not including accommodation. 
When: October
Length: 4 days

Capacity: 400 – 500 people
Established: 2012
Accommodation: Not included but available.
Location: Dead Sea, Israel

Australia Tantra Festival

‘A Taste of Love’ is Australia’s biggest tantra festival and offers workshops and one on one sessions that explore a variety of themes, including intimacy, trust, communication and healing. They hope their sessions will offer something unique to everyone, whether simply curious about tantra or more experienced.

Ticket Price: $295 – $895 depending on accommodation option. 
When: Early March
Length: 3 days
Capacity: 200 – 400 people

Established: 2018
Accommodation: None available onsite – Click here for best value accommodation options.
Location: Byron Bay Community Centre, NSW, Australia

North American Tantra Festivals

Hawaii Tantra Festival

The Hawaii Tantra Festival has been lovingly designed to help you bring the divine to all that you do, open the energy within your body and reach out into the world. Through your choice of daytime workshops, ecstatic dancing, tantra pujas, and exploring sex as prayer, you’ll overcome your burdens and truly heal within.
Ticket Price: $150 – $420 (Accommodation and workshops only)
When: February
Length: 4 days
Accommodation: Singles, doubles, Glamping or camping
Location: Lolia Place Eco-Village, Hawaii

California Tantra Festival

Weave spirituality into your life, explore ecstatic dance and deepen your yoga practice by attending the California Tantra Festival. Not only will you heal your past wounds and discover brand new things about yourself and your sexuality, but you’ll also wake up like never before.

Ticket Price: $330.00 – $845 depending on accommodation type. 
When: Sept
Length: 5 days

Accommodation: Camping, dorms, private cabins
Location: Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, California, USA

East Coast Tantra Festival

Set your soul on fire by enjoying yoga, biodanza, meditation, concerts, DJs, vegetarian food, and awakening experiences on offer at the East Coast Tantra Festival. That’s not to mention the international tantra facilitators, choose-your-own-adventure style workshops, and other life-changing content.

Ticket Price: $353 – $581
When: May-June
Length: 5 days

Capacity: Unknown
Accommodation: Dorms or camping.
Location: Abrams Creek Center, West Virginia, USA

Mexico Tantra Festival

The 1st annual Tantra Festival in Mexico! Join our first adventure co-creating this magical celebration of life and love in this Sacred Land of ancient traditions and knowledge, join the tribe! the time is now!
Tantra Festival

A 5-day transformational tantric celebration nestled on the luscious jungle of this Caribbean Paradise. A heartwarming gathering of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature.

The festival will offer a wide range of tantra workshops and activities to choose from at your own needs and desires, as well as free time to integrate and be in nature. We will be gathering every morning to integrate the experience as a collective and will be coming together again in the evenings to celebrate!

Ticket Price: $481
When: November
Length: 6 days

Capacity: Unknown
Accommodation: Dorms, Cottages or camping.
Location: Ozen Rajneesh Resort, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

South American Tantra Festivals

Colombia Tantra Festival

The 1st annual Latin America Tantra Festival! 

Latin America Tantra Festival

* Ancestral initiation ceremony.
* Connection activities with the body all day and every day of the festival with facilitators from different countries.
* Yoga in the mornings.
* Temple of Love and Temple of emotions at night.
* Musical Show.Ticket Price: From $550 (includes food and accommodation)
When:  May / November
Length: 4 days

Capacity: 80-120
Accommodation: Dorms, Cottages or camping.
Location:  Cartagena, Colombia

Tantra festivals are the perfect way to disconnect from the madness of modern life, foster a stronger bond with yourself, heal, and grow your sense of intimacy through community, understanding and sexuality,

Which of these will you buy yourself tickets for? Have you been to any of these festivals? Let us know in the comments section. Wish you a happy and alive Tantra festival experience!

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