If you have a retreat listed on this website you will already have access to the following:

Free package for Retreat Owners
As a retreat owner, once we have verified that you are the owner of the retreat you can use this website completely free without any advertising costs. Your retreat will appear in the Listing Archive page from which a retreatant is able to click on your retreat listing page.

  1. My Account – Any bookings that you made to go on someone else’s retreat are on this page. You can also edit your billing address here.
  2. My Profile – upload a new picture rather than the standard Review My Retreat logo. It can be anything but it is recommended that you use either a logo or a picture of yourself then you upload it here.
  3. Retreat Listing – here you can amend the descriptions of the retreat, upload new photos, update your social media links and more.
  4. Event Management – here you can add new retreat events and see your enquiries.
  5. Favourites – Keep a list of all your favourite Retreat Listings.
  6. Reviews – moderate the reviews for your Retreat Listing.
  7. Viewing statistics – see the number of unique visits and total visits to your Retreat Listing page.