I would like to list my retreat on here, is it free?
Yes! It is completely free to list your meditation center, or retreat space on this platform.

Do I have to be the owner or manager of the retreat to list the retreat on this platform?
No, in fact we encourage people who have been on a retreat which is not listed to list it, so other people can become aware of it. You will need to login through and register with us in order to be able to list a retreat. We will review the listing and approve it if it meets our retreat standards.

Can I list more than one retreat? And can I be the owner of more than one retreat?
Yes, you can list as many retreats as you want and you can be the owner of more than one retreat. For example, you may want to advertise a one-off retreat in Spain and then afterwards advertise a retreat in Bali.

Hey! My retreat center is listed here, how do I gain control of the management?
Your retreat center, retreat or space was listed on here by a visitor to your space and has added it on here so that other people interested can view and review it. If you could like to gain control, then please click on the “Claim listing” at the top of the listing. There are some verification checks on your identity to make sure that you are the owner or manager of the retreat. Once you have been verified, your retreat will have have a blue tick on it, showing customers that you are the proven owner of the retreat as depicted in the photo below:



If you have any more questions, please feel free to email the team on our “contact us” page.

Thank you!