Meditation cushions are the best remedy for those uncomfortable moments when you’ve been sitting in a cross-legged position for a while but don’t want to quit your meditation practice. You know those moments; your ankles are sore, your legs have gone to sleep, your back is feeling achy, grumpy or even painful and your hips are screaming at you to stop. You’re supposed to be maintaining your focus, but your body is telling you otherwise.

It’s not easy

But buy yourself a meditation cushion or pillow and your troubles could soon be over. You’ll be able to sit for longer without getting uncomfortable, you’ll feel beautifully supported and your spine will stay in the optimal alignment to allow you to focus on what you’re there to do; reconnect and let go. Of course, meditation cushions aren’t essential for developing a strong meditation practice (you could just sit on your yoga mat or the floor instead) but from experience, they are very much worthwhile. Deciding which one to buy can be difficult, so I’ve gathered together a short list of my top eleven meditation cushions that you can buy right now via Amazon and have delivered to your door in a matter of days.

Follow me here as I walk you through the wonderful world of meditation cushions and in all their variations, including zafu meditation cushions, zen meditation cushions, crescent-shaped cushions and more. Because we’re all beautifully unique human beings, I’ll also suggest what kind of body shape and level of flexibility each of these would be most suitable for. But first, let’s start with a brief overview of each of the different types.

Different Types of Yoga or Meditation Cushions

There are three main types of traditional meditation cushion: zen, zafu and crescent-shaped (or v-shaped) cushions. These are very popular within the meditation scene and you’ll find them at meditation retreats, meditation classes and they’re often used as yoga props too.

You’ll also find all kinds of unusually shaped meditation cushions and seats too, including the Japanese tatami mat, the wooden meditation stool and even special versatile meditation ‘seats’ which fold out, much like a deck-chair without legs.

Zafu meditation cushions

Zafu meditation cushions come in a traditional round meditation cushion shape. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, it’s usually filled with buckwheat hulls. Works well for most people.

Crescent Zafu Meditation Cushion

A crescent shaped meditation cushion offers great support if you have a larger figure, you’ve recently had a baby, your thighs need support, or you have lower back or knee issues. It’s usually filled with buckwheat hulls or kapok.

Folding Meditation Bench

Whilst the wooden meditation bench isn’t soft or comfortable, it’s a very valuable aid to anyone’s meditation practice, especially if they are very inflexible. Your legs simply tuck beneath you, and it’s easy to find optimal spinal alignment.

Meditation Floor Chair

Versatile and offering great back support, these are excellent for people who are just starting a meditation practice or want a versatile piece of furniture that works well for all their needs.

Tatami Meditation Mat

These are Japanese straw mats which lift you up from the cold floor and look great in your home. They offer some support but are better suited to flexible people.

Meditation cushion filling

The traditional filling for a meditation cushion is kapok- a fluffy, cotton-like fibre which is naturally mold-resistant and hypoallergenic. It’s 100% natural, light and soft, and offers great firm support. However, after prolonged use, it does tend to flatten slightly.

Second, comes buckwheat-filled meditation pillows. Buckwheat is a natural seed which offers great support whilst being very stable and firm. It moulds to your body shape and is very durable too.

These days you’ll also find meditation cushions which are filled with memory foam. These tend to be the more modern designs and work well for those with limited mobility, a bigger budget or people with additional needs.

How do you choose the best meditation pillow for you?

Whilst there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question, it helps to bear in mind a few factors:

How flexible are you? How tall are you? Would you prefer a softer or firmer filling? Do you have any colour or design preferences? How much do you have to spend? How versatile do you want your cushion to be? Are you planning to travel with it? What is your body shape?

Bear these questions in mind as I explain the best meditation cushions on Amazon.

#1: CalmingBreath Zafu Meditation Cushion

If you’re looking for a minimalist-looking, affordable meditation cushion to help you feel more comfortable during your meditation practice, look no further. These firm zafu meditation cushions by CalmingBreath are just what the doctor ordered! They’re filled with heavenly buckwheat beans to ensure the best alignment for your spine and to provide the greatest support. They really do help you sit for as long as you desire without your legs falling asleep! I really love the fact that they come in a range of mindful colours that will fit perfectly with your home, yoga studio or mindfulness centre colour scheme.
Pros: Great mid-range option that looks great and works brilliantly.
Cons: Not as soft as kapok filled cushions
Price: Mid-range


#2: CalmingBreath Yoga Meditation Cushion

As you know, it can be tricky to find the best meditation cushion for your unique body, especially when you’re not flexible, or you’re slightly on the taller side. That’s when a deeper, traditional round pillow like this one, is really going to save the day. Available in a range of calming colours and elegantly designed, it’s great for all cross-legged sitting postures in class, at a retreat or at home. It even comes with an integrated carry handle to make it really easy to move. The cotton cover is also 100% machine washable, so you can have peace of mind that your buckwheat-filled meditation cushion will stay as fresh as a daisy, no matter where it travels with you.

Pros: Great for taller people (up to 6’ 4”/ 193cm)
Cons: Weighing in at almost 2 kg, it’s might feel heavy for some.
Price: Mid-range


#3: CalmingBreath Large Zafu Crescent Meditation Cushion

I really love the gentle crescent shape of these beautiful cotton zafu meditation cushions! It’s simply gorgeous and it’s incredibly comfortable too. Thanks to those buckwheat hulls it offers great support to all body types, so I vote this one a great all-rounder.

Whether you have wider hips, you’re less flexible, or you find it hard to get comfortable on regular zafu meditation cushions, you’ll notice that this one works brilliantly. It’s slightly sloped so you can take some of the weight off your lower back and ensure optimal alignment and make tons of adjustments if you want to.

Pros: Great for larger bodies, with a wide range of adjustments possible.
Cons: Slightly large for travel
Price: Mid-range

 #4: Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushion

At first glance, you might think “Whoa! That’s not a meditation cushion!” as it’s so very different from any you’ve ever seen before. But as I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a stroke of genius! Perfectly contoured to fit your unique body shape, it offers the perfect balance of softness and support whilst helping to keep pressure off your knees and hips. It’s also great if you’re a beginner and still unsure how to sit to maintain concentration. Make sure you can bend your legs to at least 45 degrees through- otherwise you won’t enjoy the support here. The makers also include a great bag for easy transport, although at 2kg, I’m not sure you’ll take it on a backpacking meditation retreat anytime soon!

Pros: Awesome for beginners
Cons: It’s a bit bulky for travelling with.
Price: Luxury


#5: CalmingBreath Large Crescent Zafu Meditation Cushion and Zabuton Mat Set

What do you get when you combine a deep, supportive zabuton mat with a gorgeous meditation cushion? A zabuton set that is ready to take your meditation practice to the next level! With its cotton cover and fibre filling, the mat helps lift you from the cold floor and protects your knees and ankles whilst ensuring your posture is always protected. Then add the large crescent meditation cushion (more on that above) and you have the most comfortable pillows for a cross-legged practice around. Filled with triple-screened buckwheat hulls, this meditation pillow is sure to help you feel peaceful, supported and perfectly aligned.

Pros: It offers well-rounded support
Cons: It’s a set- you might prefer to buy the pieces separately
Price: Mid-range


#6: Memory Foam Meditation Cushion

Imagine if you could take the magic of memory foam and carve it into a supportive meditation pillow that moulds perfectly to your shape and helps you feel comfortable and rested. Unlike many other meditation cushions, this one has been designed by a peer-reviewed group to ensure your neck, back, hips and knees stay comfortable, and the circulation isn’t cut off anywhere important! The cover is 100% washable and it even has a non-slip bottom, so you can stay in place whilst you meditate. If you love the way it feels, you can also use it away when you travel- at the office, in the car, on the aeroplane or train or wherever you desire. It’s light and easy to carry and they even provide a bag so you can take it anywhere you want (yes, even on that retreat you’ve been dying to go on for ages.)
Pros: Lightweight and super-comfortable
Cons: Not a traditional design or filling
Price: Mid-range


#7: BonVIVO® EASY II Padded Meditation Floor Chair

Not all meditation supports are created equal, as you can see with this wonderfully designed meditation floor chair. Incredibly versatile and great to use just about anywhere, you can simply choose from the five settings available to find the ideal level of support for your meditation practice (or relaxing, reading or whatever else you need extra support for.) Unlike the traditional round meditation cushion, you also get the benefit of a comfortable backrest which promotes healthy posture and helps prevent back pain, whilst looking stylish. Despite the shape, it’s surprisingly sturdy, and according to the makers, will support up to 100kg/16 stones/220lb of body weight. If you’re looking for a travel meditation cushion, you might want to think again about this one. Yes, it does fold down well, but it does weigh 3kg…

Pros: Provides great back support and postural guidance.
Cons: Quite heavy.
Price: Mid-range


#8: Inspire Ministries Oak Meditation Stool

This wooden meditation bench has been beautifully made with a lot of love and attention to detail. And you can really tell. Whether it’s the fact it’s made from English oak trees from sustainable sources, the way the maker has rounded the edges to be oh-so-smooth, or even the fact it has been finished with Danish oil to help the grain show through, this meditation stool is one of the best out there.
You might be thinking that a hard meditation kneeling stool doesn’t sound very comfortable for a meditation practice (I did too!), but appearances can be deceptive- this is actually great! It’s designed to gently slope to help promote great posture, and it’s an excellent option if you can’t sit cross-legged but you still want to meditate. You can impress your friends that you have a zen meditation bench!  Did I mention it is a folding meditation bench? Thanks to its brass-plated steel hinges, it also packs away beautifully and is really built to last. It’s also worth mentioning that the guy who makes this can also tailor the meditation stool dimensions to fit you and he also pops a handwritten note in with your order, which is a nice touch! I think this is the best meditation stool on the market.

Pros: Handmade with lots of love and attention to detail. Can be folded away so easy to carry around.
Cons: Some might need extra padding
Price: Mid-range


#9: Meditation Pillow Block

Sometimes cheap and cheerful is exactly what you want. That’s where this kapok-filled meditation pillow block really shines. It combines traditional Thai design, many different colours, and a comfortable yet firm and support to help your spine stay in perfect alignment as you practice. At just under 500g, it’s also pretty lightweight so works brilliantly as an inexpensive travel meditation pillow. Despite the low price, I’m impressed at the double stitched seams and hypoallergenic qualities and believe that this is the best meditation pillow on Amazon – excellent value for money if you ask me.

Pros: Inexpensive and great for travel.
Cons: Doesn’t offer the same level of support as buckwheat-filled meditation cushions.
Price: Budget


 #10: Colourful Silk Meditation Cushion filled with 100% organic Kapok Seat Thai Silk

Organic Thai silk? Check. Colourful design? Check. Great support and comfort? Check.
Yes, this round meditation cushion really does have it all. Filled with pure kapok for the perfect firmness and designed to be exactly the right height, this one offers a touch of the authentic combined with pure cross-legged practice comfort! Unlike many other round meditation cushions, this one is great for outdoor spaces and insulates excellently. The covers are also of a high quality- they’re soft, made of 100% cotton and feel wonderful to the touch. Extra ‘green’ points go to the makers for keeping these round meditation cushions family-made, using only natural and sustainable materials. Well done guys!

Pros: Natural, sustainable and comfortable.
Cons: The design might be too ‘ethnic’ for your tastes
Price: Upper mid-range


#11: Round Pouf Natural Straw Yoga Meditation Cushion

Tatami organic meditation cushions are a great addition to your meditation practice, whilst being versatile enough to have as a modern, minimalist piece of furniture. Made from natural straw filled with a flexible sponge material, they’re a great way to lift yourself from a cold floor whilst feeling comfortable and supported. Just a word of warning- if you’re unable to sit in the cross-legged position for any length of time or your simply inflexible you might want to avoid this one. It’s only 7cm thick so doesn’t allow much space for your legs. Due to the fact it’s made from natural straw, it might not be the best material for places that are more humid. Having said that, it is very versatile, stylish and a great addition to your home.

Pros: Looks great.
Cons: Might not work for those who are less flexible.
Price: Mid-range






So remember- there’s really no need to suffer through your meditation practice. Get yourself a meditation cushion or meditation bench and notice how much better you feel. Your meditation practice will thank you!
We hope this is the best meditation cushion review ever but I am sure that you have some suggestions too, so please do leave comments below on what your favourite meditation cushion is. We would love to hear from you!

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