Social Media Boost

We give your product or service a social media boost by promoting it to our followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
We will create a highly effective post for you using pictures from your retreat listing and add an Url link to your retreat listing. We add the title of the program and a web link to your retreat page. Watch the number of your enquiries grow!


Original price was: £80.00.Current price is: £60.00.


Imagine your product or service reaching a vast, engaged audience across multiple popular social media platforms. That’s precisely the kind of boost we’re offering. By promoting your offerings to our dedicated followers on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we provide a springboard for your visibility and engagement.

Our promotional strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s tailored to your unique offerings. We begin by crafting a compelling social media post that highlights the distinctive aspects of your retreat. Using striking images from your listing, we ensure that your retreat’s visual appeal captures the attention of our followers.

But a captivating image is just the starting point. Alongside these visuals, we incorporate the title of your program and a direct link to your retreat page. This combination of appealing visuals and informative text creates a comprehensive glimpse into what your retreat has to offer.

Moreover, every promotional post will include a URL link to your retreat listing. This feature ensures that interested followers can effortlessly transition from our post to your listing, offering a seamless journey from discovery to exploration.

What can you expect from this promotion? We believe in the transformative power of targeted exposure. By spotlighting your retreat to our followers, we aim to spark interest, ignite curiosity, and ultimately, increase the number of enquiries you receive.

This isn’t just a promotional boost; it’s an opportunity to connect with a wider audience and expand your reach. It’s a chance to introduce your retreat to those who might not have found you otherwise. So let’s embark on this journey together, watch your visibility soar, and witness your enquiries multiply. Experience the power of a tailored social media boost today.