Retreat of the Month

We can boost your retreat listing or event by promoting it for one month as our “Retreat of the Month’. You will feature on our homepage, as well as on Instagram, Facebook  and Linkedin.
We will create a highly effective post for you using pictures from your retreat listing and add a URL link to your retreat listing. We add the title of the program and a web link to your retreat page. Watch the number of your enquiries grow!


Original price was: £150.00.Current price is: £100.00.


Are you seeking a powerful promotional boost for your retreat listing or event? We have the perfect solution for you: our coveted ‘Retreat of the Month’ spotlight. Imagine your retreat receiving a month of high-profile exposure across multiple platforms, reaching a diverse and expansive audience.

The ‘Retreat of the Month’ is not merely a title; it’s a comprehensive promotional package designed to catapult your retreat into the limelight. The first step of this exciting journey will be your retreat taking pride of place on our homepage. This prime digital real estate puts your retreat front and centre to all our website, visitors, offering instant visibility.

But the exposure doesn’t stop at our website. We extend this promotional campaign to our social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Your retreat will be introduced to our followers across these networks, each post tailored to resonate with the specific audience of the platform.

Creating a captivating and compelling post is paramount to this promotion. Our team will handpick the most stunning images from your retreat listing, ensuring your retreat is presented in all its glory. We will craft engaging captions to accompany these images, creating a post that’s visually appealing and narratively compelling.

Importantly, each post will include a URL link to your retreat listing, offering our followers an effortless journey from intrigue to information. We’ll also include the title of your program and a web link to your retreat page, ensuring our audience has all the details they need to explore your retreat further.

This unique ‘Retreat of the Month’ promotion is about more than just visibility; it’s about connection. It’s about introducing your retreat to those actively seeking the experiences you offer, helping you convert curiosity into bookings.

So, are you ready to see your enquiries multiply? Embrace the ‘Retreat of the Month’ spotlight and experience the transformative power of targeted, high-profile promotion. Let us help you connect with the audience waiting to discover your retreat.