Picture this: You’re back home after a long, arduous day. As you step through the front door, a calming, soothing scent greets you, instantly lifting your spirits. What’s the source of this blissful aroma, you ask? It’s your favourite essential oil burner, silently working magic in your living room. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to unwind and relax?

Essential oil burners are:

  • An excellent addition to any home.
  • Effortlessly creating an environment that’s peaceful and welcoming.
  • Invigorating.

The beauty of these little gems lies in their ability to diffuse a range of essential oils, each with unique healing properties, into your living space. Think of it like having your own personal aromatherapy session at home. Intrigued? Well, you’re just in the right place to learn more!

An essential oil burner, also known as an aromatherapy diffuser, is a product designed to release the scent of essential oils into a room. They come in various styles and sizes, so there’s one to suit every home and personal preference. The variety is truly impressive, from elegant electric diffusers with calming light effects to traditional candle oil burners that add a touch of rustic charm to your decor.

Choosing the best oil burner for your home is more than just style. It’s also about understanding how they work. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the burner’s bowl, which you’ve filled with water. If you’re using a candle burner, you’ll place a small candle beneath the bowl. For electric diffusers, you switch them on and let them do their job. As the burner heats the water, the oil evaporates slowly, filling your room with its delightful fragrance.

Now, where can you shop for these aromatherapy oil burners? Many online stores boast an extensive collection of oil burners. A quick tip: always check the product’s size and design before placing an order. You would want to avoid ending up with a burner that doesn’t suit your room’s aesthetics, right?

Moreover, apart from the classic oil burners, you can also find reed diffusers and wax melt burners on these websites. Reed diffusers work without heat, making them an excellent way to keep your home smelling lovely all day. Wax melt burners, on the other hand, use wax infused with essential oils, providing a longer-lasting scent.

Creating your unique blend of essential oils is another fun aspect to explore. Lavender for relaxation, citrus to energize, or a combination of eucalyptus and mint to clear your sinuses – endless possibilities. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to track the result of each blend and discover your favourite!

Just like the burstiness of a beautiful bouquet, essential oil burners can drastically improve the atmosphere in your home. Whether for relaxation, focus, or to mask unwanted smells, these burners are excellent for every home. So, what are you waiting for? Fill your home with your favourite scents and let the magic of aromatherapy enhance your everyday life.

How to use an Essential Oil Burner

If you decide to boost your mood and scent your indoor air with essential oils, there are two main methods of diffusing them: heat or kinetic energy (ultrasonically). Oil burners use the heat method. You pour water into a bowl, add a few drops of essential oil and use a heat source to evaporate it. This heat source can be a candle, usually a tealight, or electrical. The size of the bowl matters because you do not want to refill your bowl too often. The candle should also be at least 6 cm from the bowl, or even more so that you won’t overheat the water that would evaporate the oil too fast, and you would have to replenish it too often.

Different Types of Essential Oil Burners

Electrical oil burners are safer because of the lack of flames present and keep the bowl at a constant, low temperature, providing a slow and steady diffusion of essential oils. Heating might change the properties of these oils. However, it is still an effective way of scenting your home with purifying and healing fragrances. The main advantage of using ultrasonic mist essential oil diffusers is that they don’t heat the essential oils since they use kinetic energy to disperse them through propelling water vapour – containing the scent of the oil – into the air. After deciding what type of oil burner you want, you might check out the most popular ones on Amazon.

Top 10 Essential Oil Burners

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp oil burner

The candle is placed in the centre of the salt lamp under the metal frame that holds the glass bowl. It has a nice pink glow through the salt while diffusing your favourite scent and creating a tranquil ambience. The distance between the candle and the bowl might be less than ideal, but it is still a good value for money.

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 ComSaf Ceramic Oil Burner (Set of 2)

Made of top-quality porcelain is the perfect choice if you are going for a nocturnal effect. The star patterns cast the light throughout your bedroom, while the flickering light helps you relax. It comes with a wide and deep enough bowl and a tealight spoon to prevent you from burning your fingers with the hot candle.

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Sensoli Cube Oil Burner

The stylish and contemporary essential oil burner is solid wood and can be an elegant addition to your home décor. But it’s not only stylish, but it is also practical too. The bowl is 10 cm in diameter, and its depth is 6 cm, so you don’t have to worry about refilling it too often. Regarding safety issues, there is no risk of the bowl toppling over, while the good-sized ceramic tea light holder sits neatly on a thick wooden base, so your furniture surfaces are safe too.

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Electric Oil Burners

Salking Electric Wax Melt Burner

The Salking Electric Wax Burner is a visually pleasing and environmentally friendly way to fragrance your home. Its unique, rustic design is flameless and smoke-free, ensuring a clean ambience in your space. The gentle glow of the bulb not only warms the wax but also provides a soft, soothing light, aiding in setting the right mood in any room.

Economically, this product is a savvy choice. With the cost of electricity continually rising, this 45W wax burner won’t add significantly to your bills, and its efficient heating speed should save both time and energy. The higher the bulb’s wattage, the quicker the fragrance spreads, ensuring a delightful scent in no time.

This electric wax warmer doubles up as a mood light, releasing the fragrance of the wax or oil of your choice while creating the glow and ambience of a burning candle. It’s ideal for adding a calming atmosphere to a meditation session or simply enhancing the overall mood of a room.

Acting as a multifunctional fragrance air freshener, the Salking Electric Wax Burner is versatile, offering the option to use either wax or oil. It eliminates undesired odours, such as smoke or pet scents, and is straightforward to clean, providing an added advantage.

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Equsupro Glass Electric Essential Oil Warmer

Made of hand-painted, colourful glass. It works with a standard small screw bulb inside and doubles as a small lamp. It is easy to use and clean and gives off a light that provides pleasant atmospheric light in the room.

This well-designed, glossy black Spaas Wax Melts Burner might seem cheap, but it is an ornament as much as a burner. You place a tealight at the bottom of the burner, and it diffuses your favourite essential oil or wax melts for hours. Its top is more profound than other burners so that it can hold enough water for long hours.

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Cheap Oil Burners (Under £10)

Jones Home and Gift Dragonfly Essential Oil Burner

This white-glazed ceramic with dragonfly cut-outs is simple yet distinctive. This minimalistic, glazed design is a neat piece and good value for money, although the bowl is closer to the flame than it should be, so you’d better keep a small jug of water next to it for top-ups.

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Joyfulbid Buddha Head Ceramic Oil Candle Burner

This is the perfect home décor piece for yoga lovers, meditation enthusiasts, and anyone who is into aromatherapy. It burns the oil quickly as the tealight is close to the bowl, but the Buddha head will lighten up your mood and room.

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Puckator Metal Spiral Essential Oil Burner

A simple, spiral-shaped design made of black metal with a transparent glass dish. It is easy to clean, but don’t let the glass dish overheat without enough water, as it can easily shatter.

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Jali Carved Soapstone

This sturdy and well-designed diffuser is an artisan hand-carved piece with intricately elegant tendril openwork. It can accommodate a full-size tea candle, and the light projects beautiful patterns through the holes. The bowl holds a decent amount of water, and the flame is just a short distance.

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An Essential oil burner is a perfect way to diffuse the scent of soothing and healing essential oils to create a delightful fragrance in your home. But essential oils, extracted from herbs and other plants with healing properties, help create a soothing and tranquil environment in your home but also help kill infectious airborne microbes and purify the air. Mixing them with carrier oils can also be part of your daily skincare.

We have a handy guide about which are the best oils to burn. Click here for more information.