The Light is coming dear one.
Stand strong in your hearts.
And minds.
Do not allow yourself to go off into the wilderness of your imagination
Or fear-driven mind.
Yes be practical
BUT keep coming back to NOW.
Right now
To this moment.
To this breath.
To the simplicity and inherent safety of right here.
You were born for these times.
You were born for this transition period.
The perceived ‘darkness’ before dawn.
All you need to do is stay Present
And stay disciplined with the conditioned mind, you have taken your ‘self’ to be.
Every time it wanders into worry
Into fear
Into its inherited primal survival mechanism
Bring it back to the true Ground
The true safety beneath the ‘story’.
Ask ‘who’ is the one who is afraid?
Is it true? Does this one even exist?
Or is it a thought?
See on some level, the ‘drama’ is actually all happening at the level of the mind.
Yes, be practical.
And yes be kind and hold the parts of you that are scared, that are concerned, that are worrying.
Yes, allow the fear to move through your body.
But do not get lost in it.
I know it’s not easy
But this is the challenge of being human.
To stay as the eye within the storm.
To keep coming back to this ever-present ground of Being beneath the noise of the mind.
Yes, we may not know what will happen next.
But in truth, we never know!
All we can do is be fully present to what is in this moment.
Right now.
You can always handle right now.
And remember…
The darkness only seems overwhelming as it is so noisy.
In truth, there is SO much Light just beneath the surface.
In fact, the Light is already here.
The world is already healed.
It merely depends on which dimension of consciousness you choose to rest your attention.

Sophie is a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness-based counsellor specialising in transpersonal and spiritual counselling as well as leading meditation and healing retreats outside London.

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