I love you.
I’ve got you, all of you.

Whether we’re in a relationship or single, the greatest and most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves.

Ultimately, whether we like to admit it or not, all relationships will inevitably come to an end. Even if it is through death that we may eventually lose another.
The only person we will ever be with, literally every moment of every day, from birth till death, is ourselves.
So we might as well make this relationship sweet?

With this in mind, start to notice the internal language you use towards yourself?
Is it compassionate and understanding or is it judgmental and shame-driven?
See if you can keep coming back to the core question I use with my clients…what is the kindest thing you can say to yourself?

By constantly asking this we are creating a truly secure, sweet and nurturing internal relationship with ourselves.
This is important, as the relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation from which all our relationships are built.

The more we are able to love, accept and forgive ourselves.
The greater our capacity is to love, accept and forgive another.
It is through this compassion and loving kindness that our planet can be transformed and healed.

So whether you’re single or in a relationship.
Use every day to fall ever more deeply and tenderly in love and acceptance with ALL parts of your self.
Those parts you may deem as weak or unlovable, as well as those parts you may think, are beautiful and amazing.

Ultimately remember that on a deeper level the ‘you’ who is falling in love with ‘you’ is still just the mind. It is still seen and observed by something even greater – the Self beyond the personal self.

To place your heart at the feet of this divine Self is what true love really is. The silence beyond words, the space beyond form…this is your true Beloved.

This is the one you have been waiting for.

So, try and hold all parts of your human self and through this allow yourself to fall ever more deeply in love with the Self beyond them.

Happy love day y’all 

Sophie is a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness-based counsellor specialising in transpersonal and spiritual counselling as well as leading meditation and healing retreats outside London.

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