Embracing the Unknown

Embracing the Unknown
Embracing the Unknown

How do we embrace the unknown?
Well most of the time, whether consciously or not
We like to think we know what will happen next.
I’ll go here and then there and then meet with that person or do this and then get that etc….
Unfortunately, though, this is simply a projection of the mind.
A thought.
An illusion.
It is a creation of images and ideas that take us out of what is most important – what is actually occurring right here, right now.
In truth, we have NO IDEA what will happen next.
Deep down the mind knows this and is afraid of it.
So it will try to project and plan and worry and control.
All of this in order to try to keep us safe.
To try in some way, to make the inevitable unknown, known.
Embracing the UnknownOf course, we can plan, prepare, strategise, dream and visualise.
We can be creative, practical and responsible but we can also do this without leaving the present moment.
Without needing to follow the mind into unnecessary worry, fear or overwhelm.
Interestingly there is great beauty in not knowing…a gift one could say.
As it forces us to be so acutely present with what is actually happening.

We start to realise that the only thing that is ever truly ‘real’, is the step we are taking right now.
So we might as well embrace it.

Embrace the Unknown
Embrace the Unknown

Also when we fully grasp that we can never really know what happens next – and that we were never meant to know.
Then there is a great sense of freedom that comes.
An inevitable loosening of control and surrendering of the reins of life to something greater.
We are called to trust ourselves and life just a little more
We start to realise that we can ALWAYS handle what is happening now.
What we can’t handle is an illusory and hypothetical future.
The future, which is ultimately and simply just another NOW.

Exercise to Try 

Why not give it a go? See if you can rest fully in this moment and try not to think, just for a second, about the next one?
Can u just fully be in the sensations in your body, the sensations of your breath, feeling the sun on your face or the wind in your hair?
Try it, embrace it, surrender to it.
Be with what is arising right here, right now.
It is part of the excitement of being born to not know the next step…

Sophie is a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness-based counsellor specialising in transpersonal and spiritual counselling as well as leading meditation and healing retreats outside London.

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