At this time we do not want to pretend like nothing is happening.
We do not want to ignore the pain and suffering on this plane right now.
And pretend the darkness and loss are not here.
On the other hand, we do not want to allow the mind to go off on some wild goose chase of our lower will.
To allow ourselves to overly indulge and feed on the ‘fear’, the ‘drama’ and the ‘paranoia’
And get lost in a projection of the mind, and an imaginary future that in this present moment doesn’t even exist.
We want a middle way.
To fully rest in the Awareness that we are.
That is neither pushing away or rejecting, or running towards and grasping.
It is simply holding
Whatever is arising now.
In every moment
We surrender to this infinite Grace
No matter what physical form this moment takes.
We surrender our fear
We surrender our worry
We surrender our sadness
We surrender our overwhelm
We surrender our stories
We surrender the unknown to the Unknowable.
And allow this Guiding force to take the reins
With our attention on the space between thought.
With our awareness of the silence beneath the fear.
We stay flexible, open and alert.
And allow Higher wisdom to move through us.
To move us in whatever way is most needed at this time.
We allow the little ‘self’ to be resourced and held by our infinite Self
And from this safety
From this ground
From this kindness
We surrender to THIS moment
In all its forms.
From a place of Formlessness.
Do not give what is happening in the world right now to your ‘mind’.
Give it to the unnameable One that lies beyond it.